Diasima Diamonds

Our company Diasima Co. was found in 2008 in order to produce and distribute high quality jewellery with diamonds and precious stones. The founders Yiannis Binterlis , and Klimis Hatzimavroudis , are in the jewellery business since 1990 Diasima Co. represents, for a very long time Swarovski jewellery in Greece exclusively and successfully. Their successful growth in the wholesale of diamonds but mainly their scientific knowledge as gemmologists gave them the consolidation in the market of Athens and Thessaloniki. So Diasima L.t.d. having already created a strong substructure, now is pleased to present the new jewellery pieces that creates , and also is able to create the jewellery piece that you desire together with your choice of the diamonds or the precious stones we can offer you.


  • Having as a great advantage our strong and long-time presence in the jewellery business, and being exclusive distributors of the Swarovski precious and Synthetic stones , to the jewellery manufacturers , together with our stable and long term collaboration with some of the most important diamond companies of the global market , we are able to design and produce the jewellery piece you would like to have.And to choose together with you the diamonds, or the precious or semiprecious stones that will be set on it.

  • Rings

  • Together with us , you have a big variety of choosing your diamond in round or every other fancy shape , or to choose the precious stone for your jewellery. Diamonds with our personal certification as graduate gemologists , or certified from some of the major gemological institutes, GIA , HRD or IGI. Rubies , sapphires , amethysts , citrin , peridot , rhodolites , blue topaz , with an ultimate quality control and colour assortment, can be set in your jewellery always having the advantage of the low prices we are able to offer you.